My digital garden relies heavily on Obsidian and Quartz and is hosted locally on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3.P

This time around (this is the second time I set this up 😅) I did it right so now I can pull down any upstream changes that are made in Quartz while still keeping my customizations.

I have configured Obsidian to backup all files with Git using the Obsidian-Git plugin by Denis Olehov.

My Raspberry Pi has bash script running on a crontab that checks for changes. When changes are detected it rebuilds the website using Quartz. The files are output to a folder that is then served via Nginx.

I have changed the default theme supplied by Quartz now. I based it upon a colour scheme at

Another change was on the top left of the screen where by default it says ”🌱 Quartz 4.0” it now says ”🍀 Leaf’s One’s Notes”


I only have minor concerns with my current setup.

Raspberry Pi Setup

I am not using Docker or anything so it is all running straight on the Pi. If the Pi goes down then I will be required to set it all up again. I need to have someway to easily re-spin up a Pi if this one dies or something else goes wrong.

Things I need to document/have a script set up for are:

  • Installing all necessary software
  • Setting up dedicated web user
  • Creating SSH Key for dedicated web user in order to download private repo (my repo is private, kinda seems pointless in hindsight…)
  • Creating shell script to pull changes and run Quartz if changes detected
  • Configuring Nginx
    • Automagically slap on .html to the end of URL’s
    • Setup SSL with LetsEncrypt