I am unsure how to organize my notes. I have tried doing the Johnny Decimal System but I found the issue with that is I would spend too much time trying to decide where a note really belonged. Does a bubble recipe belong in Kids Craft or Recipes?

I also tried doing a Zettelkasten but I could never create enough links, nor keep my notes atomic enough. I still have a few notes from this attempt. Ultimately it never seemed to stick. For me there felt like too much friction between hearing or learning something and being able to take a note for it.

I feel that from here on I am going to make a go at organizing my notes based on tags. I like this idea because I can easily sort a note into multiple categories. The main downside I see to it is that it may be difficult to find specific notes if the tag I am thinking of has too many notes attached to it.

Either way, we will find out!