The Idea

One thing my wife and I love doing is walking around and looking at mushrooms. Now is a particularly good time to do it as the rainy season has hit and the mushrooms are bursting forth.

The more photos we take the more I wonder just how many mushrooms there are. This lead me to thinking that we should be logging locations and photos of the mushrooms we take.

So I was thinking of making an app that we could use to log our mushroom finds. Ideally it would allow us to do the following:

  • Add log entries for mushrooms that contain
    • Name
    • Photo
    • Location
    • Date
  • View on a map locations, filterable to dates and type
  • All data backed up to cloud
  • Webview option?
  • Ability to fill in missing details at a later date

Design Goals

  • Look modern and have good design practices
  • Cost little to run, ideally runnable on raspberry pi
  • Have an android app
  • Have a webpage to view your records


  • Backend/API (pocketdb?)
  • Android App
  • Web App


I am not sure whether to try use a cross platform framework to do both the web and the Android or do them separately. More thought is needed.