I am a thirty-something year-old guy who is currently working as a data engineer. I am married and have three lovely kids, and I have a few pets too.

I have dabbled in fiction-writing and would like to learn more about the Godot game engine.

Find Me

You can find me at my profile on I also have a small blog on there. Finally I can be found on Mastodon. I am

Why this website

I like the idea of having some internet proof that I existed. I have tried for a long time to create blogs, or run a single-instance Mastodon instance (technically, it was Akkoma) for myself. Ultimately neither worked for me. I felt everything had to be perfect for blogs while being on the Fediverse made me feel more isolated than ever.

This is not a blog, but a notebook. It contains my notes. It will be reference for me. If you happen to find anything useful then please, help yourself.