I was listening to the first episode of Parental As Anything by Maggie Dent and it was all about kids and screen time. There was lots of good parts in there but I did take two main things away from it.

First is that you should never remove screen time as a punishment. The reason for this is later when your child inevitably stumbles upon something they should not they are less likely to approach you with it if they feel your response will be to remove their access. In order to help foster open communication with your children screen time, or rather lack there of, should not be used as a punishment.

The other thing that really stuck out was that giving your kids “green time” after screen time is a great way to help them switch off from the electronics and reset their brain levels. Take them outside and play with them, get them doing something physical. If you get your kids off the screen and then get them to do homework or something else equally tedious then it will be difficult. If you can get them outside and having fun then your kids brains will reactive in a more positive way.